STAMP/STPA – A Systems Theory Approach to Analyze Security Concerns


In this webinar, Daniel will discuss the importance of conducting a security risk assessment in early stages of system development. He will present different standards that cover the security risk assessment process.

The demand for security increases tremendously for modern, complex software-intensive systems with increased communication and the application of new technologies. To cope with „complexity“, new methods have to be developed and integrated into the overall system engineering process to lead with the challenges of running a system as part of a system of systems.

To address this issue, Daniel will introduce the STAMP/STPA methodology conceived by Prof. Nancy Levenson from MIT applied in the security domain. Using a simple example, he will demonstrate the application of STAMP/STPA for security and how this approach could be compliant with an aeronautical standard ED-202A/DO-326A.

Take-Away Messages

  • Ensure that SE practice and techniques are up to the job coping with evolved complexity
  • Integrate security assessment process in system development process
  • Conduct security assessment in early stages of system development


Daniel obtained a Ph.D. degree in systems engineering area by the Aeronautics Institute of Technology. He worked as a systems security engineering for aircraft manufactories in Brazil and Japan. He also worked as a compliance expert conducting audits in several suppliers worldwide to verify the adherence with aeronautic regulations ARP-4754A (system), DO-178B/C (software), DO-254 (AEH), ED-202A/DO-326A (security) and interfaces with the certification authorities (e.g. ANAC, EASA, FAA, JCAB) to show compliance with the aeronautic regulations.

From 2014 to 2018, he was a member of workgroups Eurocae WG-72/RTCA SC-216 to revise the new security aeronautic regulations (i.e. ED-202A / DO-326A and ED-203A / DO-356A) when he wrote the Appendix G of ED-203A / DO-356A showing an alternative method to compliance with the ED-202A / DO-326A applying the STAMP/STPA.

Daniel is also actively involved in fostering the systems engineering practices lecturing the introduction of systems engineering for universities in Japan. Currently, he works for Airbus Defense & Space as a Cybersecurity Architect supporting civil and military projects.


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Datum Mittwoch 04.05.2022 - 17:00
Ende Mittwoch 04.05.2022 - 18:00
Anmeldeschluss Mittwoch 04.05.2022 - 17:00
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