Blueprint for requirements engineering in agile product development


Every business context comes with its own unique needs and challenges. As requirements engineering consultants, we generally have an aversion to “ready-made solutions” and supposed "best practices".

However, we have seen various organizations struggle with similar problems. Applying a few simple practices would have helped them. We have compiled them as a blueprint, and we’re excited to share them publicly in this webinar.

Take-Away Key Messages:

  • Accept that requirements are just hypotheses.
  • Clarify details as late as possible.
  • Expect the unexpected.


Philip Stolz holds a degree in computer science and has been working for HOOD for more than 15 years, mainly in the field of systems engineering, on requirements engineering methodology. He is a driving force behind the Certified Agile Requirements Specialist (CARS) program at HOOD and in the community.
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Bertil Muth holds a degree in computer science and has been working for HOOD since 2007.

He is a trainer for classic and agile requirements engineering, a Scrum Master and an agile coach for teams in systems engineering and software development.

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