Online Seminar am 08.11.2023: Very Advanced Systems Engineering with Functional Architectures for Systems - Part II / II

During this webinar (part 2), two practitioners of functional architecture work, Tim Weilkiens and Jesko Lamm, will continue the presentation of approaches they started in part I.

After a short recap for those who could not attend part I, they will elaborate on the practitioner’s work with the so-called FAS Method for functional architecture. The application in daily work and the mapping of the method to modeling languages and modeling tools will be in focus, including:

  • Informal techniques based on post-its or paper cards, to be used when running workshops face-to-face or with virtual post-it-boards in partially online meetings.
  • Representations of the needed work items in the SysML modeling language.
  • Traceability from functional architecture up to use cases and optionally further up to storyboards in the modeling tool.
  • Demos of the corresponding modeling tool work, including automation of certain steps to carry out when applying the FAS Method and some tool support for creating functional diagrams from the model and later checking their consistency with the model.
  • A demonstration of a pilot implementation for the upcoming new systems modeling standard SysML v2.