Online Seminar am 11.10.2023: Very Advanced Systems Engineering with Functional Architectures for Systems - Part I / II

In this part I of the webinar, an introduction to the FAS method itself and some supporting analysis methods will be in scope, including:

  • The motivation for working with functional architectures.
  • A quick introduction to the work with a well-defined system context and use cases as a precondition for the application of the FAS method.
  • An extensive description of how to apply the FAS method by refinement of use cases, functional grouping, and identification of the resulting functional blocks.
  • A brief deep-dive into the “FAS-as-a-formula” representation of the FAS method, which is one single matrix equation that captures the essence of the method and hence allows for easy automation of the corresponding steps.
  • A revisit of the preconditions to show a way to identify the needed use cases based on storyboards of the system’s operational scenarios.