Online Seminar am 22.03.2023: Method for Developing SoS Architectures Using SysML Model Federation

As system complexity increases, a greater number of organizations are being asked to contribute architecture/design content for systems development. An essential challenge to overcome is how to ensure digital continuity in connecting system models to form Systems of Systems (SoS) models. A method is presented for SysML model federation enabling multiple contributing organizations to provide peer models for inclusion within a federation SoS model.

This method builds upon previously published Systems Architecture Model (SAM) development method reinforced with automated model syntax validation, Cameo implemented style guide, and example model. Systems engineers applying this method are able to reuse constituent systems model content, from the problem and/or solution space, to describe the larger SoS behavior and structure while promoting reusability and commonality. This method is designed to permit style diversity across peer constituent models and ensure that every piece of data has an Authoritative Source of Truth (ASOT) within the federation. Multiple applicable examples within the defense industry are presented as well as real world example showing specific evidence of a measurable improvement. Systems engineering practitioners engaged in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) will take away a multi-model management approach to construct SoS descriptive models in SysML in line with the DOD’s Digital Engineering (DE) Strategy.