Online Seminar on 17.11.21: Generative Engineering for Assisting early System Design

Earlier in 2021, Siemens Industry Software released their new tool for generative engineering under the name “Simcenter Studio”. This presentation on 17th November 2021 performed by Dr. Jonathan Menu will detail some of the essentials of generative engineering with the tool and show how it can integrate with different solutions for behavioral simulation for quantifying product performance. The presentation will also highlight a number of exemplary approaches in the automotive, aerospace, and other sectors.

What attendees can expect:

  • Get insight in new computationally driven techniques for creative product design.
  • Experience how thousands and even millions of architecture variants can now be assessed before concrete product decisions can be made.
  • See how generative engineering is relevant in multiple application domains and for evaluating many different product aspects (including performance, safety, and others).
  • Get a preview on next steps for generative engineering and how this technology can further automate product design.