GfSE Online Seminar: SpesML - SysML Workbench for the SPES Methodology

Bremen - 11. August 2021 - With the Software Platform for Embedded Systems (SPES), an end-to-end methodology for MBSE has been developed. On this basis, a SysML profile with a precise semantics that can be used for automation such as automated analysis and simulation, is defined in SpesML. This gives the widely used modeling language SysML a methodological foundation and thus opens the way to comprehensive MBSE. Key messages in the webinar performed by Dr. Maximilian Junker and Dr. Wolfgang Böhm on 6th of October 2021:

  • Challenges in the implementation of MBSE
  • Introduction into basic concepts of the SPES methodology
  • Implementation of initial concepts in SysML within the SpesML Workbench based on Magic Draw